1. Open web-based VEXANIUM dapp: https://rddv.my.id/ on your PC/Laptop that connect to VEXWALLET and login using your vexwallet address. If you don’t have it, you can dowload it here and you can learn about VEXANIUM and VEXWALLET @vexupdate on telegram channel.
Display of rddv.my.id autobridging RDD to RDDV dapp on VEXANIUM BLOCKCHAIN
  1. After login, (for the first time login) the dapp will generate an RDDV address for your vexwallet address. One vexwallet address will have one fixed RDDV wallet address (can use for frequently deposit/WD). On this figure, the vexwallet address is “bpcryptrader” and the RDDV wallet address show is: Rms1MD4BseKuLyVPs3isuxZxyN6zbCByQs
  1. Copy and paste RDDV wallet address above and send your RDD on your REDDBOT (@Reddcoin_bot) with command: /withdraw Rms1MD4BseKuLyVPs3isuxZxyN6zbCByQs 1
Withdraw command on reddbot
  1. After 7-8 network confirmation, your RDD will send to RDD wallet pool, and smartcontract on “reddbridging” account on VEXANIUM blockchain will be triggered and issue the RDDV token, then transfer it to “bpcryptrader” (for this tutorial example, the vexwallet address is “bpcryptrader”)
  1. On VEXANIUM Ecosystem, your RDDV can use on DeFi or can swap to another coin/token on swap platform (dapp) like TRAFISWAP

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